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Did You Know That These 4 Things Can Contribute to an Undesired Food Coma?

You know the feeling: you’ve just finished a meal, and all of a sudden, you feel as though you can’t move. Your belly is full, you feel lethargic, and you might even feel a little sick to your stomach. No doubt about it, you’re experiencing a food coma. How can you avoid such an unpleasant feeling next time? Examine these causes behind most food comas and see what you can do to avoid these bad feelings!

What You Ate

If you’re dealing with a food coma, it’s likely that you ate a meal rich in refined foods, foods that have a lot of sugar, and refined carbohydrates. All of these things can cause glucose levels to spike and then drop quickly, leading to a “crash.” Feeling lethargic, foggy, and tired? You’re not imagining things – you're in the middle of a food-induced food coma.

How Much You Ate

Did you wolf down your meal, and are now experiencing bloating and discomfort? How much you ate is likely at play. Eating too quickly robs your body of its ability to keep up with you, resulting in a more strained digestion process. Next time, take it slower, and try to space out your bites to prevent yourself from eating too much, too fast.

Thyroid Issues

Though your food coma is likely related to how much or what you ate, it’s also possible that your thyroid could be at play. Thyroid issues can make you more vulnerable to the ups and downs of glucose, resulting in a food coma or “crash” more often than not. If you’ve been noticing discomfort after every meal, and don’t believe your portions or type of food to be the cause, schedule a visit with your doctor.


Are you aware of your food allergies? Though avoiding foods you’re allergic to seems like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many adults develop food-related allergies over the course of their lifetime. In other words, if you’re experiencing discomfort after a meal, it’s possible that you indulged in something your body didn’t agree with.

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